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WIRELESS MOUSE KEYBOARD makes your mobile phone behave as wireless remote control for your computer. It simulates your keyboard and mouse pad completely with great efficiency via local wifi network. Story does not end here. This app is equipped with surprising features of screenshot viewer, clipboard and direct shortcuts for many frequently used applications.

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Easy installation

  • Download Android app Wireless Mouse Keyboard from market link in your smart phone Download Android App
  • Download and install windows server utility from this page into your windows computer Download WiFi Mouse Remote server
  • Your phone and windows computer must be connected to same wifi. You are ready to use !!!

Scan QR code to download from Google store

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See how 'Wireless Mouse/Keyboard' works

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Feature List

  • Real fancy keyboard with Typing, Function, Numeric, Shortcut inputs
  • Long press handeling of buttons on Space/Enter/Tab/Delete/Backspace/Characters
  • Fancy mouse pad with left click hold option
  • Remote mouse curser movement with left, right, middle click and other gestures support
  • Watch your computer screenshot in your phone
  • Maximize/Minimize windows remotely
  • Clipboard option to copy/paste to your computer directly
  • Shutdown/Restart/Logoff/Sleep/Lockscreen remotely
  • Mute/unmute your computer volume
  • Open My Document / My Music / My Pictures folder remotely
  • Manual language selection
  • Auto connect on startup
  • Simple, neat and clean UI
  • Shortcut macros for MS office, excel,power point,outlook,media player,Chrome,IE,paint,task manager,control panel,PrintScreen,
  • Arabic, Chinese, japanese, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Telegu, Thai, Tutkish, Ukrainian, Czech, Greek, finnish, Hungarian, Slovenian supported

Main Features

Fancy keyboard, real mouse,watch PC screenshot, computer clipboard control, minimise/maximize windows,
restart/sleep/shutdown/logoff your computer from your mobile phone are main features of the App

Fancy keyboard

Real keyboard with character, numeric, function and shortcuts input

Real mouse

Mouse controls with left click, right click, middle click, scroll and left hold

Computer screenshot

Watch screenshot of your computer directly on your smart phone

PC Clipboard control

Set your computer clipboard from your smart phone.
Type in phone and hit "Set PC Clipboard" button. Press Paste or Cntrl+V in your computer to get the text.

Maximise/Minimize windows

Maximize/Minimize your computer windows directly from your smart phone


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