We are Group of young professionals working on different platforms and new technologies. We work on the software solutions which makes our daily life easy with less or absolute no cost. We focus on providing the power and efficiency of easy software solutions for common gadgets users without the prior knowledge of computers. Our applications shows the glimpse of innovative ideas, best-quality-work, easy-to-use, full-customer-support and special focus on high quality android applications and games.

What we do ??

We make apps in utility category for individual and commercial use on order. All the app standards are considered on top priority. We cover policy compliance for major stores like Google Store, IOS, Amazon.

Our detailed procedure of app implementation

  1. Take app requirement from the client
  2. Prepare High level and Low level design document
  3. Share and discuss with the client on phone/video chat
  4. Incorporate all the modifications and suggestions discussed
  5. Share our design solutions with client in case if it's not feature specific
  6. Final Design document preparation and shared it to both sides for reference
  7. Start with app implementation and share the prototype with client for initial doubts within 1-2 weeks
  8. Start the coding of internal app modules
  9. Design and feature discussion with client during development
  10. Unit testing of the code and share the results with client
  11. Integration with other app modules
  12. Perform feature testing, regression testing and memory tests
  13. Overnight app testing for memory leaks
  14. Fixing functionality and feature bugs
  15. Free translation for 10 known languages within app
  16. Preparing HTML page for app description and its usage
  17. Final dispatch to the client along with testing reports
  18. Incorporate fixes and modification after client side testing
  19. 6 months free support on app
  20. Minor charges on new features support

Customer Service

E-mail: spikesroid@gmail.com


Web: www.spikesroidapps.com

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